Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Live in Action at the 2014 Mobility and Immobility Conference

Hey everyone, this is a 15 minute youtube clip that features the full presentation I made at the 2014 Mobility and Immobility Conference held at Western University this past April. It explores the concept of diaspora and encourages listeners to challenge their definitions of home and belonging. The conference was hosted by Ryerson University's Centre of Immigration and Settlement and Western University's Centre for Research on Migration and Ethnic Relations

The presentation itself was well received and I am also grateful to the audience as well as my supervisor for their feedback. I do believe the presentation could have been delivered more effectively with a less reading off the page and definitely a lot fewer "umms" especially in the beginning. I'm always striving to improve my presentation skills so please don't be shy to let me know where things could be better. There's always room for improvement :)  

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