Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Adventures from the Archives Part VI

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Here is the latest instalment of the adventures from the archives series. This week features an early press release after the initial expulsion period ended on November 3rd 1972.

What: Press release on Ugandan Asian refugees in Canada
Who: Robert Andras (the new Minister for Manpower and Immigration after Bryce Mackasey)
When: December 5th 1972
Where: Ottawa
So what? The press release makes in quite clear that there was a considerable amount of assistance on the ground for resettling Ugandan Asian such as courses under the Canada Manpower Training Program and the 12 Ugandan Asian committees set up across Canada.
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Take a look at this short press release to get a sense of how Ugandan Asian refugees were initially adapting to Canadian society. Some highlights and statics from the press release are:

  • "Nearly 50% of the 2,200 Ugandan Asians who registered for employment at Canada Manpower Centres have already found jobs" (that's extremely fast considering the first plane to Canada arrived on September 28th and the press release is dated December 5th)
  • 2,500 of the roughly 4,700 refugees to come to Canada were dependents including parents and children
  • 40% of refugees settled in Ontario, 30% in British Colombia, and 20% in Quebec
  • "The assimilation of these people into the Canadian labour force is an outstanding example of their initiative and skills"

That's all for this week and feel free to comment or send me any questions you have :) Until next time, I wish you all the best!

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