More Than Just Banging Some Pots - Initial Thoughts on Creating a Drumming Exhibit

As a drummer I have been dying to try and bring in my musical interests with my current studies as a graduate student. I must admit I am very grateful to my professor William Turkell for encouraging this project and encouraging me to integrate my passion for drumming with digital history.

So here's the plan as it stands for far. The grand idea is to hit a drum which will interact with my pc and then start a drumming robot. The details are as follows: grab a snare drum and stand, place a piezo sensor inside which will detect the vibrations emitted from the actual drum every time it is hit. At this point it will be connected to a phidget (basically the thing that detect the vibrations will be connected to a chip that will connect to my computer via USB) that will use the Max 6 program to start a drumming robot. What I mean by a drumming robot is a bunch of solenoid triggers that will hit objects based on how it is programmed.  

Here are a couple photos to help you get a sense of what I want to do!

Snare drum on a stand and the phidget connected to my computer.

As for the drumming robot here is a youtube video on what I would like to do: Drum Machine!

Hopefully this idea makes sense. The entire point to creating this interactive exhibit is that it allows individuals to participate in an historical exhibit that let's you physically play drums while learning about drums :) 

If you have any questions or any ideas that I should incorporate let me know!


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